About Our Tests


Open Civil Service testing is required for each of the following positions:  Deputy Sheriff, Corrections Deputy, 911 Communications Officer and Administrative Records II.  When an opening occurs, testing is scheduled and an Official Announcement containing eligibility and test requirements is posted.  Each test is designed specific to the position and scoring is performed to maintain impartiality of the process.  Entry-level Deputy and Entry-level Corrections Deputy applicants are also required to take a physical ability test designed to measure fitness, strength & endurance.  Stevens County Civil Service uses the same physical ability standards as the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Academy.

Once Civil Service testing is completed, eligible candidates are placed on an Eligibility List for that position based on their final test score (highest score on top).  The Sheriff is provided the top five candidates’ names for consideration, further testing and possible hire.  Each Eligibility List is in effect for two-years unless it is exhausted or expired sooner.