Planning Applications and Forms

Site Analysis

Site Analysis 
Site Analysis Amendment

Critical Areas

CAO Buffer Average
CAO Minor Expansion
CAO Buffer Reduction
CAO Letter of Consistency
CAO Major Expansion
CAO Reasonable Use
Habitats & Species of Local Importance    
CAO Qualified Professionals 

Each shoreline application also requires submittal of a JARPA

SMP Residence                                   
SMP Dock 
SMP Retaining Wall
SMP Substantial Development Permit
SMP Admin Adjustment, VAR, or CUP 
 2020 JARPA (Word version)


Boundary Line Adjustment
Boundary Line Adjustment (one owner) 
Certificate of Exemption (other)
Short Subdivision - Short Plat
Subdivision - Long Plat
Subdivision Alteration
Subdivision Vacation
Binding Site Plan

Licensed Engineers                                   
Licensed Surveyors
Short Plat guide
Water Requirements for Plats Guide
Construction Drawings and Road Improvements Guide 


Temporary Use Permit
Conditional Use - Admin Conditional Use
Rezone - Site Specific 
Rezone - Area wide

Other Applications & Forms

SEPA Checklist
SEPA Checklist (Word Version) 
Essential Public Facility
Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Comprehensive Plan Amendment Guide
Land Use Code Text Amendment
Code Interpretation
Administrative Appeal
Complaint Investigation Request Form
Stevens County Public Records Request

Information Sheets & Guides