Judicial Records Request

Public Records Act Request.  Superior Court is not an "agency" under the Public Records Act (RCW Chapter 42.56), and, therefore, the Public Records Act is not applicable to requests for judicial records.  But, beginning January 1, 2016, judicial administrative records may be available under GR 31.1.


Case Records Request.  If you are seeking documents filed in court cases, most are available through the respective court clerks' offices.  Contact either the    the    or the    depending on the county in which the case was filed.  Access to case records is subject to  GR 31.


Electronic Case Records Access.  Certain records are available online.  Stevens County has adopted Odyssey as its case management system.  You can access case records for Stevens County through the ODYSSEY PUBLIC PORTAL.  Attorneys and litigants can register for enhanced access on that page.  Online access to Ferry and Pend Oreille County case records is through the JIS LINK  on the Washington Courts website.


Judicial Administrative Records Request Under GR 31.1.    If you are seeking judicial administrative records, please contact one of the following Clerk's offices for information, forms and procedures to assist you in your request:  Stevens County Clerk Ferry County Clerk, Pend Oreille County Clerk.