Oversized/Overweight Vehicle Permit

What is a oversized/overweight vehicle permit?
A document provided by Public Works which allows hauling a load or driving a vehicle in excess of the legal weight or size limitations to use a County road.

Who can apply for a oversized/overweight vehicle permit?
Any private citizen, contractor, supplier or other duly licensed individual wishing to utilize the County road system.

What is the criteria that determines if a vehicle is oversized/overweight?
General Criteria

Who decides if a oversized/overweight vehicle permit is to be issued?
Oversized/overweight vehicle permits are processed and issued by the County Engineer.

How long does it take to process a oversized/overweight vehicle permit?
Typically one day to one week depending on complexity of the application. Complex applications involving traffic control or road closures will take significantly longer to process.

How much does it cost?
There is no fee for oversized/overweight permits.


Obtaining a Permit

Permit applications may be obtained from the Public Works Administration Office. You may request to have one sent to you through the mail by calling (509) 684-4548 or request an application by email.