Approach Permit

Frequently Asked

What is an approach permit?
An approach permit is a permit that allows a property owner to access the County road.

Who can apply for an approach permit?
The legal owner of the property or the authorized representation.

What is the process?
The permit process is initialized by applying for an approach permit. Once completed and returned, with the appropriate fee the property owner will be asked to flag the approach location at the point where it connects to the County Road so that it may be identified for inspection. The inspector will determine if the location has adequate visibility, whether it needs a culvert or not for drainage, etc. Once approved the inspection report will be sent to the property owner. Once the property owner has received the inspection report they can proceed with the installation of the approach. They are then to notify the County when it is completed. At that time a final inspection will be done and if approved, the approved approach permit will be sent to the applicant.

Who decides if an approach permit is to be issued?
An approach permit is issued by the County Engineer.

How long does it take to process an approach permit?
The process can take 1 to 3 weeks.

How much does it cost?
Approach Permits cost between $50.00 and $200.00 depending on approach type. Checks should be deposited at the Administrative office.

How can I get an application?
Simply click on the link below, print it out, and mail it back to our office with a check made payable to Stevens County for the appropriate amount. It is very important to note that only originals will be allowed due to need to have original signature. (faxed applications are not allowed)

Approach Permit Application

Permit Application’s may be obtained from the Public Works Administration Office. You may request to have one sent to you through the mail by calling (509) 684-4548 or click on the Approach Permit Application link.