Fair Royalty

2020 Fair Royalty
2020 NE WA Fair Queen Rylee Andrews

The Pageant

Candidates will be judged on the following: Essay, Judges Interview, Participation & Knowledge of the Fair, Poise/Appearance, Speech & Impromptu Question

Royalty Application (PDF)


  • She must be at least 15 years of age by August 1st of the current year and entering the 9th, 10th or 11th year of school. Applicants entering their senior year may appeal to the NE WA Fair Board.
  • She must sign and agree to the code of conduct adopted by the NE WA Fair Association.
  • She must be single, childless, of good moral character and must remain so throughout her reign. During her reign, she must reside in Northeast Washington.
  • The candidate must have exhibited at the NE WA Fair past or current year.
  • She can only hold one royalty title during her reign.
  • If she is chosen as Queen, the candidate cannot run again. However, if she is chosen as Princess, she may compete in the Royalty Contest the following year.


  • You will need an outfit for the judge’s interview and you will need a long formal for your poise and appearance presentation.
  • You will complete the application including the essay portion
  • You will be judged on an impromptu question, a short speech (no longer than 3 minutes ) and Talent

The Reign

  • The reign of the Royalty begins the day after the NE WA Fair and will end the last day of the following NE WA Fair.
  • A crown and sash will be awarded to incoming Fair Royalty.
  • There will be a clothing allowance provided. All clothing will be at the discretion of the Royalty Advisor.


  • If eligible, the Queen will receive a $300.00 check and the Princess a $200.00 check, payable after that year’s NE WA Fair.
  • Scholarship eligibility is at the discretion of the NE WA Fair Board.


  • If chosen, the Royalty candidate understands that there are numerous events and activities that are required of her such as various fundraisers, decorating for Royalty Pageants, attending area parades, fairs and other functions.
  • In Order to be a good representative and have knowledge of the Fair activities, attendance at 75% of the NE WA Fair Association meetings is mandatory. Any missed meeting must be excused by the Royalty Committee.
  • The Fair Royalty will be chaperoned by an escort at all times. If the chaperone is anyone other than your parents, they must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and meet the approval of the Royalty
  • There may be times when there are multiply places to be, in which case the Royalty may split up.

Fair Participation

  • It is mandatory that during the week of the NE WA Fair, the Fair Royalty attend all of the various obligations and events planned including the Royalty Pageant and the Fair Parade.

Auto Insurance

  • It is mandatory if you drive yourself or someone drives you to an event where you are representing the NE WA Fair as Royalty, that the driver of the automobile must be a legal licensed driver and must carry the minimum automobile insurance as required by the State of Washington.

Expected Appearance

It is essential for the NE WA Fair Royalty to be dressed appropriately while acting as Fair representatives. Inappropriate or too revealing clothing includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clothes that reveal the midriff. No low-rise jeans/pants, no spaghetti straps.
  • Clothes that one can see through.
  • Clothes that reveal undergarments. (which will be worn)
  • Clothes that reveal cleavage or inappropriately exposes body parts.
  • Clothes with open back (the back must be no lower than the front).
  • Clothes such as shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no shorter than the mid-thigh.
  • Clothing must not, by actual image or implication, promote another organization or corporation without prior consent from the NE WA Fair Board.
  • While representing the NE WA Fair, it is expected that Royalty be polite & courteous at all times.
  • Pierced earrings are acceptable, but no other visible body piercing is allowed.
  • Personal hygiene must be extremely neat and clean.

Alcohol & Drugs

It is an honor & privilege to be a member of the NE WA Fair Royalty. Violations include but are not restricted to:

  • If any member of the NE WA Fair Royalty is found using, abusing, under the influence of any alcohol, narcotics, tobacco products and/or a participant with those who partake in these types of activities during her reign will be immediately terminated as Fair Royalty.


From the start of her reign, members of the Fair Royalty will follow the rule listed above or forfeit her title

  • If at any time there is a violation of any rule(s) or behavior unbecoming of fair royalty, action at the discretion of the Royalty Committee and/or NE WA Fair Board may result in termination.
  • In the event of such an occurrence, the girl will surrender her crown and sash, and will immediately reimburse the NE WA Fair Association for any and all expenses (i.e. clothing, accessories, etc.) that the Fair has purchased for her.
  • The title may be bestowed upon the runner-up (for example – the Queen would surrender her title to the Princess and the first runner-up would take the Princess’s position).

Attendance is required

  • NE WA Fair (Must attend all 4 days)
  • NE WA Fair Parade
  • NE WA Fair Royalty Pageant
  • NE WA Fair Auction Dinner
  • NE WA Fair Appreciation Dinner
  • Kettle Falls Town and Country Days Parade
  • Colville PRCA Rodeo Parade
  • Chewelah Chautauqua Parade
  • NE WA Fair Association Meetings (75 %)
  • Valley Fair Parade
  • Hunters Fair Parade

Attendance is recommended

  • Area Pageants
  • Area School Carnivals
  • Junior Livestock Show
  • Arden Old Timers Rodeo
  • Relay for Life (Colville)
  • Springdale Rodeo
  • Rendezvous Days
  • Republic Fair/ Deer Park Frontier Days
  • Spokane Interstate Fair
  • Marcus Cider Fest Parade

Royalty Information (PDF)