Naming a Private Road

Guide to Naming a Private Road

When responding to emergencies, ambulance drivers, firefighters and law enforcement officers rely on physical addresses. To make the emergency responder's job a little easier, help increase public safety, and to meet the requirements of Enhanced 9-1-1, the county Commissioners' adopted a voluntary private road naming policy that assigns numerical addresses to those homes and businesses using named private roads. A private road is a driveway used by three or more homes or businesses, that, if named will assist emergency response vehicles to find a 9-1-1 caller.

To name a private road, print the Private Road petition form or request one from the Stevens County Information Services Department, follow the listed instructions and meet with your neighbors to select a road name. The County Commissioners must see that 60% of the property owners taking access from the road or owning adjacent property agree with the road name proposed in the petition. Private road names cannot duplicate or sound like any existing names, and all names must end in "Way", for example: Cross Country Way. Refer to the list of Private Road Names (PDF) that are regularly updated by the County Commissioner's through Ordinance.


Private Road Petition Form (PDF)

After your road name is approved, you must post a sign subject to the criteria referred to in the Private Road Brochure (PDF) which gives instructions and sketches for proper sign size and placement. Refer to the Sign Pricing (PDF) to determine where you will be able to purchase your sign.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the Information Services Department at 684-7505 or 866-513-2741.