Biological Control

About BioControl

Biological Weed Control is the act of bringing back together the weed and its natural enemies. It can be an important “tool” in helping land owners control certain noxious weeds. Biological control agents may be an insect, fungus, rust, gall, or any natural enemy of a weed. Unfortunately there are not available agents for every weed.

For several years the Stevens County Weed Board had their own biological control program, now we team up with the WSU Extension Integrated Weed Control Project. They collect and distribute certain biological control agents to weed boards, other agencies, or sometimes individual land owners. The weed board acts as the intermediary and receives the agents and delivers them to land owners who have requested them from our office, we release the agents and collect data about the site for WSU Extension IWCP. To this date there has been no cost or fees for this service.

If you are interested in obtaining biocontrol agents please contact our office. We supply them on availability and on a “first come, first served” basis. Agents are ordered early in the season, so if you are past the order deadline we can add you to the list for the next season. We do not make any guarantees on the availability, weather and other issues can have a big impact on a biocontrol agents availability from one year to the next. After we are contacted by a land owner the first task is to go to the site where the bioagent is to be released to check that it is an appropriate to release the agent. Then as soon as WSU contacts us with the date the agents will be delivered we will contact land owners and set up a time to deliver and release the agents. This has to be done as soon as they are delivered, the longer it takes the more likelihood the agents will start dying before they are released.


Biocontrol Agent Information: