Guide to Obtaining a Site Address

Rural Addresses in Stevens County are determined by establishing the mileage from Colville at the intersection of Main (Hwy 395) and 1st Avenue to the point where the private driveway intersects the State Highway, County or Private Road.

If an address has not been previously issued for your driveway intersection with the county or state road, county staff will verify the site location with a vehicle equipped with a mileage meter. The mileage is run to the nearest hundredth of a mile. Driveways must be clearly marked with your name or other physical markings to insure prompt issuance of the address.

An Address Request form can be obtained from the county website or picked up from the Stevens County Information Services Department, 252 E. Birch Ave. This form needs to be filled out and returned to the Stevens County Information Services Department for processing.

Address Request Form (PDF)

PLEASE NOTE: The Stevens County Information Services Department cannot issue an address to a lot that has not obtained an approach permit to access the County Road. The Stevens County Public Works Department issues county road approach permits. The road approach application can be processed at the same time your address is established. Please contact Public Works at (509) 684-4548 or e-mail their office at

Approach Permit Form (PDF)


State Highway Approach Permits may be obtained from the Washington State Department of Transportation by calling: (509) 324-6540.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the Information Services Department at 684-7505 or 866-513-2741