SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Do I need to request a Special Absentee Ballot?

Washington state voters vote by mail. All eligible voters are automatically mailed a ballot at least 18 days before every election. There is no need to sign-up or request a mail-in ballot. If you are unsure if you are registered or if your address is current, you can confirm your registration information here:

If you will not be able to access your mail during the 18-day voting period, need to receive your ballot at a different address, or need to access your ballot electronically, contact our  Elections Office.

If it is within 90 days prior to a state Primary or General Election and you believe that you will be unable to access, vote, and return a regularly-issued ballot within the time provided by law, contact your County Elections Office.

The County Auditor is the ex-officio supervisor of all primary, general, and special elections for all federal, state, county, city, town, school, fire and special purpose districts within Stevens County. Currently, this county has 58 precincts with 30,950 registered voters, and is located within the 5th Congressional District and 7th Legislative District.

The responsibilities of the Election Department consist of processing candidate filings, designing, mailing counting, and canvassing ballots, and media relations. In addition the Elections Department maintains and processes all new voter registrations, registration activities, and maintenance of the voter precincts.

Stevens County Primary Elections Results

08/04/20 Stevens County Primary Elections Results  -  Certification Date 08/18/2020