Building Applications & Forms

***PLEASE NOTE: It is currently taking AT LEAST 2 BUSINESS DAYS TO SCHEDULE MOST ON-SITE INSPECTIONS.  Please understand that this is our busiest time of year and our inspectors are working very hard to meet the current demand.  Thank you for understanding***


 - all fields, including Property Owner's phone number, Property Address and Property Parcel Number/Geo-ID, must be completed by the Applicant.  Please submit all applications in person or via USPS, UPS, FedEX, etc.  We recommend that applicants contact our office prior to application submittal to make sure your application is complete.  Incomplete applications will be returned.

Residential Building Permit Application CHECKLIST
Residential Building Permit APPLICATION
*includes residential utility structures & true modular homes built to IRC standards - NOT manufactured or mobile homes

Manufactured/Mobile Home Placement Permit CHECKLIST
Manufactured/Mobile Home Placement Permit APPLICATION
*Stevens County Land Services has no jurisdiction over the modification of manufactured or mobile homes.  Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) has jurisdiction over this work.  We do issue building permits for the the placement of these homes on the property as well as site-constructed additions to these homes.

Commercial Building Permit Application CHECKLIST
Commercial Building Permit APPLICATION
*please contact the Building Division to ask whether or not a Pre-Application Conference is required for your commercial project
*includes Commercial Coaches

Communication Tower Permit Application CHECKLIST
Communication Tower Permit APPLICATION
*includes new towers, antenna upgrades and other tower-mounted equipment

Weatherization Permit Application
*NOT FOR WORK DONE TO OR INSIDE OF A MANUFACTURED OR MOBILE HOME *includes roofing, siding and window upgrades
*contact our office for e-mail submittal options

 Mechanical Permit Application
*NOT FOR MECHANICAL WORK DONE TO OR INSIDE OF A MANUFACTURED OR MOBILE HOME  *Mechanical Permit Application for mechanical work not associated with an ACTIVE Stevens County Building Permit
*contact our office for e-mail submittal options 

Incidental Service Application
*includes pre-application walk-through on existing non-permitted construction, non-permitted manufactured/mobile home title elimination drive-by and additional construction plan review - please contact the Building Division before submitting an Incidental Service Application
*contact our office for e-mail submittal options 


Driving Directions Form

Expired Building Permit Construction Plan Re-Submittal Form

Potable Water Certification Form

Property Owner Authorized Agent Affidavit 

Pump Testing Procedures and Signature Form

Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) Worksheet 2015


Complaint Investigation Form

Public Records Request


The Owner/Builder Exemption is a process that qualifying projects may be approved through, per the 1984 Stevens County Building OrdinanceThe Owner/Builder Exemption is NOT A BUILDING PERMIT – it is an exemption from obtaining a building permit.  Under this exemption, a property owner may waive his/her right to a building permit and will not receive construction plan review/code compliance checks, on-site building inspections and/or a Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Division.  All other requirements of the standard residential building process are necessary under the Exemption, but it is up to the property owner to ensure that he/she is in compliance (land use approvals, electrical permitting, mechanical permitting, potable water requirements, on-site septic approval, compliance with all state and local building codes/regulations, etc.).  A Record of Notice is prepared by the Building Division as part of the Owner/Builder Exemption process.  This is a document, signed by all property owners, certifying that they will work in full compliance and that they understand they will not receive construction plan review/code compliance checks, on-site building inspections and/or a Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Division.  This document gets recorded through our office with the Stevens County Auditor.  Once this document is recorded, the Building Division is no longer involved in that particular building project.  
Owner/Builder Exemption Information Packet