Leslie Valz, Stevens County Treasurer, would like to welcome you to the County Treasurer's home page.  We hope the information we developed is helpful to those who cannot come into the office or who wish to research property tax information when we are not open.  Within this home page, you will have the opportunity to find  tax information; when those taxes are due; and how to make payment.  We added a section of the Most Asked Questions which may assist you if you have questions about those taxes and/or making payment.  You can email me directly at:  A taxpayer also has the opportunity to update name and mailing addresses for property tax correspondence via this web page. 

Mission Statement

The Stevens County Treasurer is the custodian of all funds for the county and government subdivisions. The Treasurer and staff are committed to ensuring the public's trust in the demonstration of fiscal accountability and effective management of Stevens County resources by providing:

  • Quality customer service  
  • Cost effective decisions
  • Prudent cash management of resources
  • Accurate, timely dissemination of information
  • Effective collection, disbursement, and management of all receivables
  • Effective, long range strategic planning of all resources
  • Prudent financing of capital needs and liquidity requirements
  • Effective development and management of all data requirements

To support the operation of the treasurer's office.

The staff of the Stevens County Treasurer is committed to providing quality service through a collaborative team approach to the delivery of services.


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