The Assessor is required by law to value property at 100% of market value and to assure that all values are equitable, fair, and uniform to all property owners in Stevens County. Properties in Stevens County are revalued every year with a Physical inspection every 6 years. We are currently beginning physical inspection area 6. You may view the  Inspection Area Map  to see if we will be in your area.



“Our Mission is to administer a property assessment system that meets constitutional and statutory requirements, in an efficient and professional manner, while striving to provide excellence in service to our customers.”



Dates to Remember

*2020 Personal Property value notices were mailed on 08/11/2020

*2020 Real Property value notices were mailed on 08/07/2020

(If you wish to appeal your value, a petition form must be filed with the Board of Equalization within 60 days after the notices were mailed)

Property Taxes

Do you have questions regarding your property taxes? How much is due? When are they due? Do you need another statement? How do I pay online? These are all questions or the Treasurer’s Office. Give them a call 509-684-2593

Have Questions Regarding the Hirst Decision? Have Questions about Zoning and Dividing your Land? Contact Land Services Department. Phone (509) 684-2401